Main cities of the continent

Adak (United States) Sun 07:12 Mazatlán (Mexico) Sun 10:12
Anchorage (United States) Sun 08:12 Miquelon (Saint Pierre and Miquelon) Sun 14:12
Boise (United States) Sun 10:12 Monterrey (Mexico) Sun 11:12
Cambridge Bay (Canada) Sun 12:12 Montreal (Canada) Sun 12:12
Cancún (Mexico) Sun 12:12 Mérida (Mexico) Sun 11:12
Chicago (United States) Sun 11:12 México DF (Mexico) Sun 11:12
Chihuahua (Mexico) Sun 10:12 New York (United States) Sun 12:12
Dawson Creek (Canada) Sun 09:12 Nome (United States) Sun 08:12
Denver (United States) Sun 10:12 Pangnirtung (Canada) Sun 12:12
Detroit (United States) Sun 12:12 Phoenix (United States) Sun 10:12
Edmonton (Canada) Sun 10:12 Rankin Inlet (Canada) Sun 12:12
Fort Wayne (United States) Sun 12:12 Regina (Canada) Sun 11:12
Godthåb (Greenland) Sun 14:12 Saint John's (Canada) Sun 13:42
Goose Bay (Canada) Sun 13:42 Scoresbysund (Greenland) Sun 16:12
Halifax (Canada) Sun 13:12 Thule (Greenland) Sun 14:12
Hermosillo (Mexico) Sun 10:12 Thunder Bay (Canada) Sun 12:12
Indianapolis (United States) Sun 12:12 Tijuana (Mexico) Sun 09:12
Inuvik (Canada) Sun 13:12 Toronto (Canada) Sun 12:12
Iqaluit (Canada) Sun 12:12 Vancouver (Canada) Sun 09:12
Juneau (United States) Sun 08:12 Whitehorse (Canada) Sun 09:12
Knoxville (United States) Sun 11:12 Winnipeg (Canada) Sun 10:12
Los Angeles (United States) Sun 09:12 Yellowknife (Canada) Sun 13:12
Louisville (United States) Sun 12:12

* means the place is observing daylight saving time (DST) at the moment.


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