Main cities of the continent

Asuncion (Paraguay) Thu 09:00 La Paz (Bolivia) Thu 09:00
Bahia (Brazil) Thu 10:00 Lima District (Peru) Thu 08:00
Belém (Brazil) Thu 10:00 Maceió (Brazil) Thu 10:00
Boa Vista (Brazil) Thu 09:00 Manaus (Brazil) Thu 09:00
Bogotá (Colombia) Thu 08:00 Mendoza (Argentina) Thu 10:00
Buenos Aires (Argentina) Thu 10:00 Montevideo (Uruguay) Thu 10:00
Campo Grande (Brazil) Thu 09:00 Porto Velho (Brazil) Thu 09:00
Catamarca (Argentina) Thu 10:00 Pôrto Acre (Brazil) Thu 08:00
Cayenne (French Guiana) Thu 10:00 Recife (Brazil) Thu 10:00
Cuiabá (Brazil) Thu 09:00 Rosario (Argentina) Thu 10:00
Córdoba (Argentina) Thu 10:00 Santiago (Chile) Thu 09:00
Fortaleza de Nova Bragança (Brazil) Thu 10:00 São Paulo (Brazil) Thu 10:00
Guayaquil (Ecuador) Thu 08:00
Jujuy (Argentina) Thu 10:00

* means the place is observing daylight saving time(DST) at the moment.


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