Time zones and their denomination

Every time zone has several denominations that serve to reference it. The the most used denomination is a code of three letters, that in the case of Spain is CET (Central Europe Time). There is another less used denomination, the military, which can result familiar, since it is used in some films and series of fiction, according to this denomination, the zulu hour corresponds to the time of the meridian of Greenwich. In addition to these in a third denomination each time zone is named with the initial letter of its military name.

Next we will show all the time zones, their denominations and some cities of every zone:

GMT Zone Military Civilian Time Zones Cities
GMT Z Zulu GMT: Greenwich MeanTime
UT: Universal
UTC: Universal Co-ordinated
WET: Western European
London (England), Dublin (Ireland), Edinburgh (Scotland), Lisbon (Portugal), Reykjavik (Iceland), Casablanca (Morocco)

East of Greenwich

GMT Zone Military Civilian Time Zones Cities
+1 A Alpha CET: Central European Paris (France), Berlin (Germany), Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Brussels (Belgium), Vienna (Austria), Madrid (Spain), Rome (Italy), Bern (Switzerland), Stockholm (Sweden), Oslo (Norway)
+2 B Bravo EET: Eastern European Athens (Greece), Helsinki (Finland), Istanbul (Turkey), Jerusalem (Israel), Harare (Zimbabwe)
+3 C Charlie BT: Baghdad Kuwait, Nairobi (Kenya), Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Moscow (Russia)
GMT +3:30 C* Tehran (Iran)
+4 D Delta Abu Dhabi, UAE Muscat, Tblisi, Volgograd, Kabul
GMT +4:30 D* Afghanistan
+5 E Echo
GMT +5:30 E* India
+6 F Foxtrot
GMT +6:30 F* Cocos Islands
+7 G Golf
+8 H Hotel CCT: China Coast
+9 I India JST: Japan Standard
GMT +9:30 I* Australia Central Standard Darwin, Australia, Adelaide
+10 K Kilo GST: Guam Standard
GMT +10:30 K* Lord Howe Island
+11 L Lima
GMT +11:30 L* Norfolk Island
+12 M Mike IDLE: International Date Line
NZST: New Zealand Standard
Wellington (New Zealand), Fiji, Marshall Islands
GMT +13:00 M* Rawaki Islands: Enderbury Kiribati
GMT +14:00 Line Islands: Kiritibati

West of Greenwich

GMT Zone Military Civilian Time Zones Cities
-1 N November WAT: West Africa Azores, Cape Verde Islands
-2 O Oscar AT: Azores
-3 P Papa Brasilia (Brazil), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Georgetown (Guyana)
GMT -3:30 P* Newfoundland
-4 Q Quebec AST: Atlantic Standard Caracas, La Paz
-5 R Romeo EST: Eastern Standard Bogota, Lima, Peru, New York, NY, USA
-6 S Sierra CST: Central Standard Mexico City, Mexico, Saskatchewan, Canada
-7 T Tango MST: Mountain Standard
-8 U Uniform PST: Pacific Standard Los Angeles, CA, USA
GMT -8:30 U*
-9 V Victor YST: Yukon Standard
GMT -9:30 V*
-10 W Whiskey AHST: Alaska-Hawaii Standard
CAT: Central Alaska
HST: Hawaii Standard
-11 X X-ray NT: Nome
-12 Y Yankee IDLW: International Date Line West